Warped Games Embraces Premature Teaser Release to Highlight “Warped Universe”

Delaware, United States, June 6th, 2024, GamingWire

Warped Games studio was caught unaware last week when an intern leaked promotional material from their in-development title “Warped Universe” on X/Twitter. With over 70,000 people following the account, the leak quickly gained traction, catching the attention of Web3 gaming influencers who quickly ran with the alpha. The post racked up 80,000 impressions over the subsequent days before the Warped Team decided they might as well keep the post live. 

The intern acknowledged his error. When contacted for more insight on the matter, Scott Brown, President and Lead Game Developer of Warped Universe, mentioned in his official statement that while “the leak was not ideal”, yet came with a silver lining. “For a team that has been building for the last 2 years, this was a real mood lifter, as the market reacted extremely positively to the video”. He further shared details about the in-development Web3 title.

“It’s a Sci-Fi title with multiple mission types that interconnect with one another, giving players total freedom in how they approach the game. It’s hard to classify a game that crosses so many boundaries. It’s a user-driven game. All of the players’ actions cumulatively decide the fate of the Universe.” 

He continued, adding “One of the things about making a game, and especially a Sci-Fi game, is how do you stand out in someone’s mind? How are you memorable? It’s so easy to fall into the same trope of big grey spaceships in this black, starry background. You just start to look like every other space game that everyone’s seen a thousand other times. It’s so easy to just blend in with all the others, so we sat down and brainstormed over and over about what is going to make us special. What’s going to make Warped stand out? What does it mean to be Warped?”

The colourful warped nature of the world and art style puts players in an environment previously unexplored in the Sci-Fi genre, giving a unique gaming experience.


Scott shared that Warped Universe will be a community-centric game, where every token holder can have an influence, but that it wouldn’t function exactly like a DAO, telling “Token holders will influence what’s going to be happening in the game. Where’s it going? What’s being added? There are a lot of games that have tokens inside the game, where you’re buying the tokens which are buying cosmetics or items in the game. They’re different things. Our token is influencing the game, more than it influences the day-to-day gameplay”. He added, “I think this makes for a very cool and unique relationship between token holders and Warped Universe. We want the community to be involved in the direction of Warped Universe”.

It has been shown on the Warped Games’ social media profiles, that two of the four game modes mentioned in this Sci-Fi Web3 epic will be real-time action shooter and turn-based strategy, arguably targeting two of the biggest gaming markets right now. 

About Warped Games

Warped Games is a gaming studio comprising passionate developers and designers with backgrounds at industry giants such as Pixar, Disney, LucasArts, EA, Rockstar, Sony, Netflix, and more. Team members have worked on Lego Universe, Star Citizen, Jumpgate, Dragons & Titans, and others, and have a proven track record in building MMOs, RPGs, and FPSs. This depth of experience is vital as Warped Games develops Warped Universe, a unique, “play your own way” Web3 gaming title on Unreal Engine 5 that redefines the sci-fi genre. Warped Games is working towards leading both players and studios into the next era of gaming.