Racing Toward Mass Adoption: Transak Enables First-Ever ZK-Based Virtual Racing Game, zkRace

Miami, Florida, June 4th, 2024, GamingWire

zkRace (formerly DeRace), the leader in Web3 horse racing games and the world’s 1st cutting-edge zk-rollup infrastructure tailored for GameFi, enters a  strategic partnership with Transak, crypto’s leading fiat-to-crypto payment gateway. This collaboration is set to launch a Transak on-ramp solution for the ZERC token on the zkRace platform, marking a significant step toward broader game accessibility and mass adoption.

Although considered a niche within the broader blockchain gaming space, NFT horse racing games have positively impacted the Web3 industry by attracting several users. These games offer a straightforward and practical use case for beginners to explore the space and for advanced users to deploy their crypto capital.

zkRace stands out as the first horse racing game to leverage zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), a cutting-edge technology that enhances security and efficiency. By incorporating ZKPs, zkRace ensures that transactions are not only faster but also more secure, setting a new standard in the blockchain gaming industry.

The integration of Transak’s on-ramp solution enables the zkRace community to easily purchase ZERC tokens, which are essential for participating in the immersive Web3 horse racing experience. By simplifying the process of acquiring ZERC through more than 20 payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay, the partnership aims to remove barriers for non-crypto users and accelerate player onboarding.

Further, the utility of ZERC tokens extends beyond horse racing. They can also be used to serve as gas fees for other GameFi projects utilizing the zkRace layer 2 zk-rollup Validium infrastructure.

Adomas Juodisius, Founder and CEO of zkRace, emphasized the impact of this partnership, stating, “Integrating the Transak on-ramp is a game-changer for zkRace. It not only enhances our game’s accessibility but also serves as a critical bridge for non-crypto users. This simplicity in acquiring ZERC tokens will significantly aid in onboarding players from the general public, pushing us closer to our goal of mass adoption.”

The advantages of this partnership are clear:

  • Faster Player Onboarding: Streamlining the entry process allows new players to join the game quickly.
  • Accessibility for Non-Crypto Users: The Transak solution provides an easy entry point for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.
  • Mass Adoption of the Game: By lowering entry barriers, zkRace is set to attract a broader audience, increasing its user base and community engagement.

“At Transak, we strongly support the growth of practical Web3 games. This exciting partnership with zkRace marks another significant milestone towards our vision. Through this collaboration, users can easily onboard and purchase in-game assets with fiat currency, making zkRace and its Web3 features accessible to millions across 160+ countries.” said Sami Start, Co-founder & CEO at Transak.

This partnership reflects zkRace’s commitment to making blockchain gaming more accessible and enjoyable for a global audience, further establishing its role as a pioneer in the GameFi industry. As zkRace continues to innovate and lead in this space, the community can expect ongoing enhancements that will enrich their gaming experience and expand the game’s reach.

For more details on how to get started with ZERC and to join the exciting world of Web3 horse racing, please visit the zkRace platform.

About zkRace

zkRace (formerly DeRace) is both the front-running Web3 horse racing game and the world’s 1st cutting-edge zk-rollup infrastructure tailored for GameFi and powered by ZERC token.

zkRace is more than just a game; it’s a paradigm shift in the Web3 gaming space at large.

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About Transak

Transak is the world’s most compliant and largest Web3 payments infrastructure provider, serving over 5 million users across 160 countries. It powers 350+ platforms, facilitating the purchase and sale of digital assets with its API-driven fiat-crypto on/off-ramp, NFT checkout, and other solutions that simplify KYC, compliance, payment methods, and customer support.

Headquartered in Miami, US, and incorporated in Delaware, Transak has a tech hub in Bengaluru and offices in London, Milan, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

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