Avocado DAO Launches BBQ Bumpathon: Exciting rewards and prize pools await

Singapore, Singapore, May 22nd, 2024, GamingWire

Avocado DAO, a leading Web3 gaming guild, is proud to announce the launch of their new event, Bumpathon. This event celebrates the introduction of Bumpies Brawl Quest, an incremental idle game incubated by Avocado DAO. The event will run until May 30, 2024, offering participants the chance to win a prize pool of $1,400 worth of ETH and various exciting rewards. 

Avocado DAO: Leading the Web3 Gaming Revolution

Founded in 2021 and backed by notable entities such as Animoca Brands and Hashed, Avocado DAO is a leading Web3 gaming guild like YGG and Guildfi. It is dedicated to bridging Web2 users from Southeast Asia (SEA) into the emerging blockchain technology through gaming. 

Avocado DAO’s mission is to foster and empower Web3 gaming communities, offering scholarships in games such as Axie Infinity, Heroes of Mavia, and more. It also invests in promising Web3 gaming projects and incubates its own projects, such as the Bumpies NFT collection and Bumpies Brawl Quest, establishing itself as a leader in Web3 community gaming. 

The Bumpies NFT Collection

The Bumpies Brawl Quest game utilizes the Bumpies NFT collection on Base network.The collection was launched by Avocado DAO in early 2024, and serves as a dynamic ecosystem connecting Avocado’s digital ID with its questing platform and partner products. The collection features multiple rarities—common, rare, epic, and galactic—each designed to provide additional advantages for users in the upcoming Avocado products. 

This utility-based NFT’s initial functionality includes integration into Bumpies Brawl Quest, an incremental idle game within the Bumpies ecosystem. Future integrations will expand into Avocado’s partner ecosystems, offering various benefits across different projects.

Bumpies Brawl Quest

Bumpies Brawl Quest is an on-chain incremental idle game that requires a Bumpie NFT to play. Similar to classic Tamagotchis, players raise digital pets (Bumpies) to interact, brawl, and play mini-games. As the game progresses, characters level up, unlock room upgrades and new battlefields. 

The game requires players to raise and interact with their Bumpies featuring competitive PVP brawls and daily Pachinko games, providing players with numerous opportunities to earn $ETH rewards. The rarity of a Bumpie NFT multiplies the reward mechanism, adding a gacha element in collecting higher rarity Bumpies.

Inspired by popular on-chain games like Frenpet and Xpet, this game offers its unique flavor with enhanced visuals, entertaining characters, and, most importantly, a strong sense of community. Avocado DAO’s Bumpies Brawl Quest aims to push the boundaries of Web3 game development, providing a polished, on-chain gaming experience.

Bumpathon Event

As a celebration of the launch of Bumpies Brawl Quest, Avocado DAO is hosting Bumpathon, a ten-day marathon event. This event amplifies the competitive and rewarding nature of Bumpies Brawl Quest, offering participants a chance to compete for a prize pool of $1,400 worth of ETH alongside the in-game rewards and sign-in bonuses that allows users to kick-start their gaming experience without stressing about gas fees. 

Here’s how to participate in the Bumpathon:

  • Users can join the Bumpathon quest on Avocado DAO’s platform.
  • Complete the required actions specified in the quest. 
  • Play the game and win exciting rewards. 

The Bumpies Brawl Quest along with Bumpathon marks Avocado DAO’s innovative approach to Web3 gaming, pushing the boundaries of game development and providing rewarding experiences for the community. As Avocado DAO continues to develop and launch new projects, it remains committed to fostering and growing Web3 gaming communities, offering unique opportunities, and driving the future of blockchain gaming.