Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game DECIMATED launches on Epic Store

Singapore, Singapore, May 7th, 2024, GamingWire

As the digital dawn of gaming rises, the visionary minds behind DECIMATED are ecstatic to unveil their groundbreaking foray into the desolate yet captivating future of online gaming. DECIMATED, a novel 3rd person PvP and PvE online game experience, invites players to an unprecedented journey through a vast dystopian landscape. Offering freedom for players to explore this post-apocalyptic playground, DECIMATED opens up a realm where players craft their own fate as human citizens struggling for survival or cyborg cops enforcing order in a world where nature and technology collide in chaos.

A New World Awaits: Immersive Gameplay and Unparalleled Adventure

At the heart of DECIMATED lies a richly designed, immersive world that tests each player’s survival instincts at every turn. Players engage in a relentless battle for existence against the apocalyptic aftermath, populated by mutated creatures, environmental hazards, and rival survivors. This rich narrative is further enhanced by offering players the opportunity to salvage advanced technology, uncover hidden treasures, and navigate the perils of a fractured society on the brink of rebirth.

DECIMATED stands as a testament to survival, strategy, and resilience, offering a sandbox of endless possibilities. Whether patching up a battle-scarred vehicle, building impenetrable bases, to navigating the treacherous markets of this new world, players can embrace the lawless land, facing off against deranged robots, monstrous bio-entities, and other mutants, all while forging alliances or rivalries with other players to carve out a semblance of civilization amid chaos.

Backed by 46 Investors and a Growing Community

Decimated received an Epic Mega Grant and was backed by 46 investors in December 2021 after the studio was self-funded as an indie start-up for 3 years. Developers Fracture Labs were offered $34M from 180 investors and accepted $3.5M from VC’s including Mechanism Capital, Spartan Capital, Polygon Ventures, Good Games Guild, Israel Blockchain Association, Dutch Crypto Investors and Metavest Capital to name a few. Since then, the Decimated community has grown to 60k followers on Twitter and 23k members in Discord, many of whom are participating in the closed alpha testing.

A Quest for Dominance in the Wasteland: The DIO Token

Economic gameplay takes a revolutionary turn in DECIMATED with the DIO token, integrated into the game using the Solana chain, and with interoperability between all of Fracture Labs’ planned games. This creates a real-time digital economy within DECIMATED, incentivizing players for each and every decision made, as well as their efforts within the game itself. Every transaction, trade, and treasure found within this desolate world is valued in DIO, bridging the game to real-world economic principles, making the thrill of loot discovery and trading exponentially more engaging.

The ways to earn in DECIMATED are as varied as the wasteland itself. Players can venture into the unknown, salvaging cargo and lost technology, engaging in both legal and illicit commerce to claim their fortune. Whether it’s ambushing convoys for loot, undertaking dangerous missions, or trading valuable finds on the virtual market, success in the desolate landscape of DECIMATED demands wit, bravery, and a keen sense of strategy. Decimated features a leaderboard system that rewards the best performing players, whether they play solo, in guilds or clans.

In a recent announcement, DECIMATED confirmed its official sponsorship of Token2049 Dubai, underscoring its commitment to innovation, blockchain technology, and the burgeoning digital economy, demonstrating their potential for the future from the lens of immersive gaming. This sponsorship accentuates DECIMATED’s commitment to forging a future where gaming transcends mere entertainment to become a cornerstone of digital economies in virtual worlds, allowing players to earn real rewards through tournaments.

The community buzzed with excitement for DECIMATED listing on the Epic Games Store in May 2024. While the official launch date is yet to be announced, the open alpha is pegged for the end of 2024, and the eagerness around this launch grows daily as players and fans are encouraged to keep an eye out for what hopes to be a landmark announcement in online gaming history.


DECIMATED is the future of immersive online gaming, offering a dynamic 3rd person PvP and PvE experience within a richly detailed post-apocalyptic world. With its unique digital economy and endless opportunities for exploration, combat, and alliance, DECIMATED invites players to define their legacy in a world where every decision can mean the difference between survival and extinction.

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