London, United Kingdom, April 25th, 2024, GamingWire

Yoton Yo Studios (YYS) today announced a $15m Series A investment, allowing the innovative start-up to advance with pioneering ‘phygital technologies’.

In January, YYS began a more public profile announcing the development of Exfinitum Omniverse, a first-of-its-kind digital/physical trading card system offering players unprecedented content control. It is currently in alpha testing with a market launch later this year.

The private investor’s financial commitment is being supplemented by grant funding from Skale blockchain, which takes the round in excess of $15m. Combined, these partnerships provide exceptional scale, transaction speeds, security, and minimized carbon footprint. In addition Layer One X Blockchain is extending a grant and Joint Venture to deploy interoperability across multiple platforms.

Peter J. Wacks, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Yoton Yo Studios, said: “Our partners truly share our vision, and we are beyond excited to have them join forces with us as we build our groundbreaking brands. We’ve taken the limitations of physical ownership and authenticity, and developed a unique reader and coding system to unequivocally prove pedigree and ownership both physically and digitally. What we have been developing for the past 24+ months not only changes TCG convention, but also some tired and accepted paradigms around data and asset ownership.”

Ben Miller, Head of Partner Marketing, Skale said “We are thrilled to work closely with Exfninitum to bring high quality Phygital TCGs to SKALE. As the world’s fastest blockchain with 0-gas fees, we believe that SKALE will be the perfect tool for the mass adoption of gamers.”

Yoton Yo is a games and technology company developing proprietary software solutions that will power Exfinitum Omniverse. The company’s future announcements are expected to shine a light on some of the first IP and creative collaborations that will feature in the early stories that drive the overarching narrative feeding into and within the Omniverse.

About Yoton Yo Studios

YYS is a games and technology company building new and groundbreaking software solutions to generate vastly improved experiences in gaming, asset pedigree and data usage.

About Exfinitum Omniverse

State-of-the-art innovation sits at the core of taking the traditional trading card game into a new realm that morphs multiverses in physical and digital play, enabling the same cards to be playable in multiple games. 


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