Kokodi’s new NFT collection — The Masks is set for mint on Xterio Games

Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis, April 25th, 2024, GamingWire

Kokodi Inc, a modern video game company, is the mastermind behind the Mask NFT Mint. It’s the project’s second collection for an upcoming extraction shooter game built by the developer. While the first collection is all about individual game characters, the Mask NFTs give the characters special bonuses and magic powers, making the gameplay stronger and helping players in the Raid mode against enemies like mobs and NPCs.

The Masks collection is all about breathtaking artwork with cool stories hidden behind every individual piece while giving owners extraordinary in-game utility. Each Mask is a piece of treasure, designed to bring joy and enhance your gaming experiences with a limited supply of 2500.

  • Supply: 2500
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Price: Free
  • Date: Friday, 26th April, 1PM EST
  • Utility: Premium League access, Arena skins, character rentals, earn in-game boosts, paid matches access and battle pass discounts, early access to new game modes & many more

With the huge rise of web3 gaming, where games are integrated with blockchain technology, this collection offers players and collectors a chance to dive into the world of true gaming, digital art and NFTs like never before.

About Kokodi Games

Kokodi is a third-person extraction shooter, set in a magical world inspired by Legend of Zelda and Genshin Impact with unique design elements borrowed from Japanese anime. KokoDi is built using modern development technologies, featuring fast-paced PVP & team battles, powered by fast and secure blockchain.

Team behind KokoDi has vast experience in TV, film production, animation and game development in some of the most successful titles in the industry (e.g. Wargaming).

Established in 2022, KokoDi has been incubated by Seedify and partnered with Immutable as blockchain of choice and is now ready to scale its appeal to a broader audience of mainstream gamers making an impact in web3 and gaming worlds.

About Xterio

Backed by Binance Labs, Xterio is a free-to-play-and-own gaming and game publishing platform. Founded by a collective of elite professionals spanning the realms of gaming, tech, and entertainment, our journey is under the visionary leadership of Michael Tong, the former COO of Netease, and Jeremy Horn, a former VP of Jam City. Xterio is here to revolutionise the interactive landscape of tomorrow.

Xterio is a Web3 gaming ecosystem & infrastructure, distinguishing itself as a gaming publisher with top-notch development skills and unparalleled distribution expertise. 

Backed by Binance Labs and co-founded by industry veterans like Michael Tong, former COO of NetEase and CSO of FunPlus, and Jeremy Horn, former Vice President of Jam City, Xterio is committed to accelerating the integration of Web3 technology into gaming and AI. This commitment aims to simplify the experience for both developers and players, facilitating the widespread adoption of decentralised gaming and digital ownership.

Kokodi website: https://www.kokodi.io

Kokodi twitter: https://x.com/kokodigame

Xterio website: https://xter.io

Xterio twitter: https://x.com/xteriogames