Tevaera Secures $5M Funding to Redefine Gaming

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, April 24th, 2024, GamingWire

Tevaera is excited to announce the closure of a $5 million funding round led by Laser Digital, Nomura Group. Supported by prominent investors, this funding will advance Tevaera’s mission to create a one-stop gaming ecosystem powered by zkSync’s ZK Stack. Participating investors include Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Matter Labs, Draper Dragon, Faculty Group, Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Selini Capital, DWF Labs, Morningstar Ventures, DCF God, Momentum6, GBV Capital, Mapleblock Capital, GD10 Capital, Aquanow, Coinswitch, and others.

Following nearly two years of extensive development on zkSync, this funding marks a pivotal step for Tevaera. The project has pioneered a Game-IP-first approach, identifying and addressing challenges within the web3 gaming infrastructure. “Supporting Tevaera in its journey to unlock the next era of web3 games through a comprehensive, one-stop platform is an exciting opportunity,” stated Jez Mohideen, CEO of Laser Digital, Nomura Group. “We are confident that this strategic investment will create new opportunities for ZK and on-chain powered gaming.”

Over the past year, Tevaera has significantly expanded its community, attracting over 850,000 Soulbound Gamers from more than 100 countries to its multiplayer game, Teva Run, which integrates with Guardian NFTs and Teva Market, a comprehensive gaming marketplace. “The support from our partners and Tevaera community has been overwhelming,” echoed Robin Babu and Gav Negi, co-founders of Tevaera. “This funding not only validates our vision but also empowers us to set a new industry standard for building, launching, and playing multi-genre web3 games.”

Concurrently with the funding announcement, Tevaera has launched a redesigned website, serving as a one-stop platform for gamers and developers to understand and access the full capabilities of the Tevaera gaming ecosystem. Looking forward, Tevaera is gearing up to introduce two exciting new games and the first decentralized L3 gaming chain on zkSync, marking a significant step towards permissionless web3 gaming. “Tevaera, one of the first gaming projects on zkSync, is on a mission to unlock the next era of web3 games. They’ve shown remarkable resilience and technical acumen building an EVM compatible, multiplayer framework for onchain games.” said Rich Kim, Head of web3 Entertainment & Media at Matter Labs. “This funding milestone will only help accelerate their roadmap building a ZK Stack powered, end-to-end gaming ecosystem.”

As Tevaera continues to grow, they extend an invitation to the gaming community and prospective partners to join in shaping the future of gaming. “Are you ready to redefine gaming with us?” ask Tevaera’s co-founders as they prepare to roll out further innovations. With the backing of their dedicated community—the Tevans—Tevaera is set to achieve unprecedented growth and innovation in the web3 gaming sector.

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About Tevaera:

Tevaera simplifies the launching and playing of multi-genre games using the zkStack-based L3 gaming chain, an innovative gaming stack with multiplayer features and a UX-focused layer of gaming apps. Tevaera’s native interoperability with zkSync Era and all zkStack-based hyperchains enables the free flow of users, liquidity, and builders within zkNation.