Funtico announces its gaming platform and its first game Heroes of the Citadel on Steam at Taipei Game Show 2024

Rzeszow, Poland, January 26th, 2024, GamingWire

Funtico is a brand new gaming ecosystem where epic fun is fueled by exciting rewards. It aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming with a comprehensive ecosystem that meets gamers’ needs.

Funtico is designed to be the go-to choice for game publishers and the ultimate destination for all gaming enthusiasts, offering limitless enjoyment and incredible rewards with a wide variety of game genres from casual to hardcore games ranging from indies to AAA type of quality.

The gaming industry’s continuous evolution calls for something beyond technological skill to stand out truly; it demands visionary foresight, innovative approaches, and a deep commitment to forging ageless experiences. That’s why Funtico has the vision to become Web3’s most gamer-centric platform built upon three fundamental principles: timeless fun, smooth gameplay, and worthwhile rewards.

Key to our vision is the launch of our first game on Steam, Heroes of the Citadel. This exhilarating adventure game sets players in the mystical world of Entagon, where they must use strategy, decision-making, and resource management to overcome challenges and defend the world from the forces of Vorak, the mad god.

Whether gamers are conquering foes across the realm in the auto battler campaign or testing their mettle against other players in our thrilling PvP arena, Heroes of the Citadel promises a captivating, challenging experience with rewards at every turn.

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Funtico is a new gaming platform that turns your skills into prizes, allowing you to experience true ownership of your in-game items and progress.

Built by a team of hundred professionals from various gaming industry sectors, we leverage hundreds of years of accumulated experience to bring something unique to players across the globe.

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